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Marriage preparation


Once you have lived in a particular place for six months or more you are regarded as a resident in the eyes of the Church and consequently you are considered to be a member of the local parish. The parish priest therefore has responsibility for preparing and processing your application.

Before you consider entering into a Catholic Christian marriage, please check if there is any serious obstacle (impediment) to your marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church. Please check the following link (click here)

UK State law requirements: click here

When should we make any bookings?

Contact Fr. Gabor at least 6 months before you confirm any other wedding arrangements, including booking the reception venue; and this should be done at least six months before the intended date.
This six months notice is needed by the Church to allow for the marriage preparation course, preparing the required documents and for planning the ceremony with you. In some cases (for example if you and your partner are from two different countries) even longer may be needed.

Where Can I Get Married?

Any Catholic marrying in Scotland must marry “in a place of worship in regular use.”
This means:
  1. Normally, in an Catholic Church, preferably their local Catholic parish;
  2. Exceptionally, but only with the permission of the bishop, in a church of another denomination, but with a Catholic priest or deacon officiating.
  3. Very exceptionally, and with permission of the Bishop given for special reasons, in a church belonging to another denomination and with the minister of that church officiating.
Even though you are marrying in a church, you still need to contact the civil Registrar.

Marriage Preparation

Marriage preparation consists of three parts:
  1. Meeting with Fr. Gabor to prepare the paperwork and go through the marriage ceremony and explain what happens and what it all means.
  2. FOCCUS: an enjoyable 2-part programme where you take time out from the whirl of your wedding preparations to discover more about each other, your relationship and build on your dreams for the future. This costs £50 and is run by Scottish Marriage Care.
  3. There is no fee for weddings but couples are asked to give a donation to the church.

    “Cohabitation Fails as a Test for Marriage” by Andrew R. Baker. View this short article here.